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Sponsored HTMLs – £295 + VAT (per HTML) or 3 for £750 + VAT– 6 still available

We run a dedicated HTML campaign in the run up to the opening of Making Pharmaceuticals and this is sent to the thousands of potential attendees on our database. The opportunity is to sponsor one, or a number of these HTMLs, with your company information front and center, and a link to an external page of your choosing.

These are always a popular option to sponsor and tend to be snapped up very quickly.

NEW for 2017 – Evening Entertainment, Welcome Drinks and Dinner

Informal warm and inviting, drinks and dinner with BBC science and comedy superstar Helen Arney. Catering for circa 100 special guests to take the conversation further into the night.

Contact us to explore sponsorship options for the whole evening; or dinner, drinks and entertainment.

Registration Desk – £2,000 +VAT

Every single attendee to Making Pharmaceuticals must go to the registration desk upon arrival making it is one of the most visible points within the event; seen upon arrival and when attendees are leaving, so the impact of seeing a company’s details and logos at this site in the event is immediate and lasting. And of course the registration desk also features heavily in event photographs and video so would be featured on the Making Pharmaceuticals website and you tube channel throughout the year following the event.

Attendee Gift – £750 + VAT

This nature of the attendee gift can be chosen by the company that takes this sponsorship option.  The gift can be a branded object such as an umbrella, note pad, calendar, or bag, for example.  The cost of this package enables you, the sponsor, to have your branded gift available at reception and at various points throughout the exhibition and conference rooms. The cost of supplying and branding the attendee gift is met by the company that takes this sponsorship option.

Attendees love these gifts and they tend to be kept for a long time after the event.

Form Filling Counter – £750 + VAT

Upon entering the event, anyone who has not pre-registered is required to fill out a registration form and they do this at the form filling desk, which is highly visible and prominent within the entrance to Making Pharmaceuticals, so this is not only seen by those that need to use the desk, but also by anyone walking into, and leaving the venue.

Giant Floor Tile (2m x 2m) £1,000

The carpet tiles are positioned in key locations along the two central aisles in the exhibition hall. A fantastic branding opportunity for your company.